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Near Patanvav there is a hill existing till present, popularly known as "OSHAM HILL". It is spread across 8 miles and its height is 2 miles. Osham Hill comes towards the south of the Patanvav Village. After walking 200 steps from south entrance of the village the hill starts. After 1/4 mile, towards the right hand side, walking near about 100 steps, 25 to 30 foundations can be seen, out of which 12 to 13 foundations are inside the Fort.

Assumed to be the Temples in broken shape, most of the foundations are 1 to 3 feet height. Going towards the peak, a fort can be seen (refer to the pictures in Photo Gallery "Historical events" Section) and the shape of this fort resembles the Shape of "OM". Inside the Fort, the tall and strong foundations of Temples can be seen. Apart from this there are signs of wells near the fort and among them, Bhimkund is well known and is filled with water till date.

A few caves are also found nearby, which are well known as Sadalasha and Atimasha Caves. Near the Sajadiya Lake huge foudations of temples can be seen. These foundations are known as Sawa do ota. Stone carving done on the foundation confirms the presence of massive temple. While returning from Osham hills, near Panchakoliya Lake, foundations of temples can be seen, which confirms -- this Place was equivalent to Palitana and Girnar.